Collect evidence and proof

Managing and processing clinical and medical data, and patient-centric information


Scalable and powerful database technology

From 100 to 1.000.000 records. Capable of managing different types of structured and non-structured information, AtraMED allows for the design of data structures embedded in flexible workflows with the end users in mind.

Adapted to the ways of working
of our customers

Unlike many other enterprise systems, we deliver solutions without unnecessary extras. The processes are adapted to the users’ ways of working and not the other way around.

We customize our platform, AtraMED, and deliver customer-specific platforms that meet the real-world end-users’ needs and ensure optimal user experience.

Focus on user-friendliness and speed

The power of our database comes also with flexibility in the
user-front-end. This makes data entry and data consultation extremely easy and streamlined for any user of any level of experience.


Thanks to our unique capabilities, AtraMED is successful in underpinning a wide range of different applications in the life sciences and healthcare environment: