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Software Validation of ATRAMED

March 4, 2019

Since Atracore introduced “ATRAMED”, our ePlatform created in-house for (but not limited to) the pharmaceutical industry, we have been receiving a lot of requests from leading companies for a fully validated version of the platform. These requests are mostly for the Named Patient Program module of the ATRAMED tool. We are working together with our customers to validate the platform according to their standards and needs. Every validation is a customised process since every installation of ATRAMED is a custom installation, making no two installations the same, and every validation a new process.

Some examples of ATRAMED services that can be included in this validation are: the sending of emails from the tool, the reporting of Adverse Events, the audit trail, etc., all depending of course on what is included in the installation specification of the tool, based on what the customer requests and/or requires. The most interesting part of the validation process is the cooperation between the customer, our Software Development department and our Business Support team; together we deliver a high-quality product, designed for you and validated according to your specific standards and needs.

Business Support

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