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Quality Assurance

March 26, 2019

One of the services that Atracore offers to its customers is Quality Assurance. For this we follow three basic rules:

● Ensure customer satisfaction by providing quality services and products.

● Perform all activities to meet or exceed customer’s expectations

● Meet the regulatory agencies requirements.

The following tasks are included in our Quality Assurance package:

● Managing the QA Manual (including updates and distribution control)

● Determining inspection points and milestones within the system

● Authorizing quality documents

● Monitoring activities to ensure compliance with procedures (internal audits)

● Reviewing and maintaining Quality Records

● Ensuring that non-satisfactory items are correctly handled

● Identifying quality problems

● Initiating and implementing corrective actions

● Verifying implementation of corrective actions

● Assisting in Risk Management Processes

● Assisting in Corrective And Preventive Action (CAPA Processes)

● Assisting in Validation/Qualification Processes

● Keeping documents up-to-date and up to the latest standards

● Keeping employees up do date as per regulatory requirements

Business Support

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