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New Demo Video “The Paper Plane”

4 November 2019


Graphic design uses visual compositions to solve problems and to communicate ideas through the use of typography, imagery, colour and form. Since most people find visuals more engaging, graphic design helps organisations communicate and promote themselves more effectively. Given that we are receiving more and more requests for (customised) videos, Atracore’s focus has been shifting towards this aspect of graphic design.

This video shows different styles to demonstrate our capabilities in terms of animation and design. It is aimed at a wide audience and is easy to follow. A red paper plane is the only element present in all the scenes, making the connection between the different environments, and navigating through the story.

The first scene uses a streamlined and subtle colour palette, with simple graphic elements that are easily recognized. The character is neutral, plain and easy to modify to fit any content.

For the second scene, we tried a more playful and friendly approach, using brighter and more realistic colours.

For the third scene, a black and white palette supports a more sober style of cinematography. The lack of color and the use of polka dots gives the scene a more vintage look that could be used to depict clearer and sharper messages.

In the fourth scene, we used a modern approach with powerful contrasts that explore a combination of unusual colors. The shapes are geometric in order to illustrate the personality of each character.

For the fifth scene, we continued with the modern approach, this time combining powerful colors with pastel colors. The shapes have curved edges, evoking a friendlier atmosphere.

The sixth scene uses a wider range of colors to create a corporate but casual look.

Learning & Design

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