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A customer’s GDPR project

March 26, 2019

Following the successful implementation of GDPR principles and obligations for personal data protection within Atracore, we took on a project to help one of our customers in the life sciences industry also achieve the required level of compliance as well.

We began the project with a thorough analysis of the customer’s existing policies and procedures, at both the company and group level, with respect to personal data protection.

We then performed the key step in working towards GDPR compliance, which includes the mapping of personal data per process, analysing the associated systems used for the respective processing activity, and identifying the legal grounds for which the personal data is collected, processed and stored. Simply put, it is essential to know exactly what personal data is being collected and why.

At the end of these two activities, we drafted exhaustive guidelines aligned with the existing company and group level policies, applying the GDPR principles and obligations to the activities of the company:

  • The obligations of the company as a data controller and data processor, including the legal aspects which accompany these roles (such as contracts in place, specifying clearly the responsibilities for each role)
  • Recommendations for improvements regarding the IT security of the systems used for processing personal data
  • The ways in which data subjects can exercise their rights
  • All the applicable legal obligations for the collection, use and storage period for personal data
  • And, perhaps most importantly, instruction and awareness among the company management and employees about the benefits arising from achieving GDPR compliance. That is, creating a business environment of trust, transparency and responsibility.

Business Support

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