Learning & Design

Custom illustrations to accompany your eLearning course

26 February 2019

Stock doesn’t rock. That’s why in 2019 we will see more custom design and illustrations rather than using generic stock icons and artwork. Beyond branding, illustrations can also add great value to an eLearning experience. In a recent project, the client provided us with very extensive and dense text-only content. To improve the learner’s experience, we divided the text presentation into more but smaller pieces, allowing each page to contain a manageable amount of content. And we added illustrations to portray the various scenes. These illustrations provide a visual representation of the content and course progress, not only helping users consolidate the information but also engaging them within a fun and positive environment.

Learning & Design

We develop your training and eLearning solutions

Our Learning & Design division offers the creation and maintenance of your eLearning courses, the set up and maintenance of your LMS, and the creation and design of your presentations, as well as voice-over and translation services, and face-to-face trainings on soft skills.

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