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Atracore’s solution for pharma and beyond

26 February 2019

ATRAMED is a framework that enables customers to quickly implement complex (organisational) solutions. Due to its scalability, flexibility and adaptive nature our proprietary ATRAMED solution is the SaaS solution of choice.
Created with the complex pharmaceutical industry in mind the tool has evolved into a solution that can be used within a variety of industries. ATRAMED has been designed, but is not limited, to solve the challenges that many companies face in the following five functions: QMS (Quality Management System), NPP (Named Patient Program), eSurvey, eRegistry and Project Management. In addition, ATRAMED can be used in conjunction with the OpenClinica solution for clinical trials.
Our solution is currently being used by companies in the fields of the pharmaceutical, travel & leisure, infrastructure and outsourcing industries, most of them (global) leaders in their respective fields of expertise.

Software Development & IT Solutions

We develop your IT solutions

Atracore creates IT tailored solutions which are easily adaptable to fit your changing needs and is delivering real benefit and added value to your business. From the creation of customized software to data management and statistics, installation of operating systems, network administration and auditing, migration projects, etc.

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