About digital health intelligence


Group Intelligence

Advances in the Life Sciences and Healthcare are most often the result of teamwork and collective intelligence. We hear everyday how intelligent teams are making breakthroughs in the Life Sciences and Healthcare in a wide variety of different settings: R&D, clinical trials, patient support, medical devices, new therapeutic approaches, …

The success of these teams is of course due to their diversity of talent but also to the ability of the group to learn together and therefore to grow in collective understanding.

Technology and the right digital tools can support this process of information gathering and accelerate the acquisition of group intelligence.

From knowledge to understanding

Collective intelligence is more than shared knowledge; it is founded on the deeper level of understanding.

Knowledge and understanding are indeed closely related, but understanding is a broader concept. Understanding is often described as the ability to see the connections between the facts we know and the real-world situations we face. We understand the wider context: we start seeing the applicable value of our knowledge in the light of a problem to solve, a challenge to overcome or a new opportunity for improvement.

Digital enablement through optimal usability

So how can technology efficiently enable people to get smarter together, driving collective intelligence? It helps when it really facilitates (from the Latin word facilis: easy; therefore making it easy) the different processes and tasks done by the teammembers: entering and storing data, exchanging communications, documenting methods and procedures, providing learning and testing sessions, etc…

Whatever specific digital tools are needed, the overall usability of the technology is therefore of the outmost importance, with a human-centered design of the user interfaces and with the final goal of the team always in mind.

Answering key questions

The technology and project methodology developed by Atracrore directly address these important points with a focus on three key questions related to Digital Health Intelligence :
  • How to facilitate optimal entry and management of information for a team?
  • How to validate and document the quality methods or standard procedures that underpin the gathering and sharing of information?
  • How to train teammembers or educate them about the information and the methods to use?

Our focus and commitment at Atracore

Over many years, at Atracore, we have refined our services and digital solutions to be uniquely flexible and easy-to-use, facilitating the wide range of processes and tasks in the Life Sciences and Healthcare.

Our commitment is to enable organizations and teams to achieve the insights and advantages of Digital Health Intelligence.

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