Validate, document and run key processes

Quality management and validation services


We have integrated our years-long comprehensive experience into this cloud-based Document Management System compliant with GDP and GCP. AtraQMS includes all other documents and processes required according to current regulations such as risk assessment, change requests, CAPA plans, …

Central administration

Authorized administrators can make all changes in a centralized single webpage rather than having to use multiple pages. From their console they can access, monitor and update the customized application management features, system settings, backups and restoration, upgrades and security settings.

Multi-site Access

Authorized employees can open, review and share documents from anywhere in the world. This means all personnel enjoy easy access through their browser, at their own convenience regardless of whether they are on-site or remote.

While very easy to use similar to a shared drive, our system includes a rich series of tools features that make it a more-advanced and multi-faceted solution. It can work and behave as a shared repository file, blog site, web content management system, and even an intranet.

Besides ease-of-use and functionality, security is a primary function of AtraQMS. Because the platform is linked to customers’ email accounts optimized collaboration is ensured via notifications from the system.