Client’s Context

Bioformation is a French company with over 30 years of experience, specialised in trainings for HealthCare and LifeScience. Structured as a European network with over 70 different sites and partnerships in several countries, its presence and expertise make Bioformation one of the leading institutes of continued education in Europe.

The Challenge

Bioformation presented Atracore with a rather simple objective: maintain Bioformation offer competitive on the market in a controlled budget (with reduced training costs) while making trainings more widely available for their clients.

Atracore’s solution:
eLearning hosted on a Moodle (e)Learning Management System (LMS)

After understanding all the aspects of Bioformation’s needs and establishing a benchmark for its KPIs, Atracore proposed as a solution the implementation of an eLearning infrastructure, (please take a look to Adecco business case), and

Fully Developed Back-End Solution for Training activities

The solution includes a module for complete management of training “back office” activities like: site administration, LMS synchronization, access management, dynamic catalogues, eCommerce Products and Services, invoicing, search and newsletter tools, management of reimbursement program, etc.

Why did Bioformation choose Atracore?

As Atracore is a company with a wide experience in creating eLearning solutions in domains like the Pharma and Food industry, Administration, HR Management and Logistics, it seemed only logical that for such needs, the client would work with us. Here are some of the advantages of working with Atracore:

  • Near-shoring in Europe: with only one hour difference in time-zone there is hardly any delay in response
  • Cost-efficient: lower salary costs result in competitive pricing
  • Language: a big pool of French (and other) language university graduates exists in Cluj- Napoca
  • Technology: Cluj-Napoca is one of the main IT centres in Europe
  • Experience: Atracore has a large experience with the creation of eLearning solutions in multiple languages and levels of customisation