Areas of service:
  • Staffing solutions
  • Recruitment strategy
  • Employee training
  • Human Resources integration

Adiutum is a Belgian service and consulting company with a focus on Infrastructure and related business processes. It was founded in 2008 by a team of Business Managers and Senior Consultants with extended experience in Information Technology, Project Management and Intellectual Services in several industries.


After a strong year of growth in its business, Adiutum needed to support such a development also from a talent perspective. Adiutum’s Human Resources Department was given a new direction and this required the creation of an additional recruiter and admin position and finding the right person for the role. Ever looking to maximise its business advantages and focus on the core activities within the company, Adiutum chose to delegate the task of coming up with a suitable solution to Atracore.

Atracore’s solutions: recruitment, role setup and management

Atracore’s team immediately took on the job of recruiting the needed recruitment assistant and found a suitable person in 1 week. The role is closely integrated with the Adiutum’s HR management team in Belgium, functioning like a near-shore Human Resources department.

The Human Resources Department

Based in Romania, provides help to the Resource Manager in Belgium by developing and executing recruitment plans. As such, the assistant in Romania covers a great deal of the recruitment process and helps the recruiting managers from the hr team with:

  • searching and recommending new sources for active and passive candidate;
  • developing, implementing and executing strategic search of candidates;
  • performing phone screenings;
  • creating job descriptions and CVs;
  • posting openings on job sites;
  • maintaining an evidence of employees’ days follow up;
  • conducting regular follow-up.
Client’s benefits in working with Atracore

By outsourcing to Atracore in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, our clients capitalized on:

  • the client solved a stringent situation in a quick time and at a very good value, being delivered a near-shore trained team member well integrated into the operations of the headquarters’ HR department
  • the highly-professional human resources professionals based in Romania, in general, and in Cluj-Napoca, in particular;
  • numerous gifted graduates from Cluj-Napoca, where prestigious universities are based;
  • the higher stability of salary than Bucharest;
  • strong language and cultural integration;
  • overall training leading to good communication within the team;
  • service availability in the same time zone, which is a critical element in engagements where online interaction is a must.
Atracore’s Approach to a Successful Career Path

Focused on performance and accountability, Atracore has implemented internal systems and business processes for monitoring both employees’ professional development and their work satisfaction but also the quality of their work, with a mechanism of regular appraisals and follow-ups. We work with a proprietary Quality System Procedure which sets the main activity lines regarding significant aspects of employees’ activities and responsibilities, like the effective approach to work, the actions and the decisions different roles involve, the expected outcomes and outputs for certain roles. The entire business process is essential for accomplishing the
quality objectives for our clients by providing them with transparent information that allows them to take actions. In additions, professional exchanges and workshops are delivered in order to increase the performance of the employees we hire and manage for our clients.