Adecco Group is the world’s leading provider of HR solutions. They provide a wide variety of services in over 60 countries and territories around the world. Their services include temporary staffing, permanent placement, career transition and talent development, outsourcing and consulting.

Client’s Challenge

Needing to deliver a training session to a big group of employees for a special project on a short notice, Adecco turned to Atracore to provide a quick solution. Being already a client and close collaborator on other services, Atracore was an easy choice for a training challenge, due to our strong expertise in implementing customised elearning solutions and relevant experience in delivering important training projects for our clients.

Atracore’s solution: quick setup of an eLearning environment on a Moodle LMS

When a business needs its content to be delivered quickly and interactively to lots of its employees, the typical solution is to setup an out-of-the-box elearning environment where all the content will be hosted and accessible with user control. Same solution was required in Adeccos’ case, but with a deeper level of customisation and a very quick setup. Atracore provided a dedicated Moodle LMS server, where the elearning solution was setup and hosted. Providing deeper customisation, both in terms of branding and specific learning interactions and flows, the solution Atracore proposed for Adecco managed to solve the challenge and also create a valuable and easy to use amount of training content.
The advantages of using Atracore’s eLearning system are:

  • Accessibility: training materials are available anytime anywhere
  • Control of access and content: different types of users can manage different types of activities and access to content
  • Uniformity: the same message can be delivered to all trainees
  • Interactivity: the trainees can be engaged with tests, quizzes and interactive games
  • Client’s branding: the system can be easily customised to reflect the company’s visual identity, creating a great branding experience for the users
  • User’s activity: all the activities of both trainers and trainees are collected and stored in easy to understand logs
  • Reporting: reports can be created and share, to reflect the specific objectives different company representatives can have regarding the training activities
Adecco’s benefits of working with Atracore
  • Near-shoring: with only one hour difference in time-zone there is hardly any delay in response
  • Cost-efficient: lower salary costs result in competitive pricing
  • Language: a big pool of language university graduates exists in Cluj-Napoca
  • Technology: Cluj-Napoca is one of the main IT centers in Europe
  • Experience: Atracore has a large experience with the creation of eLearnings in a wide variety of domains in multiple languages and levels