Areas of service:
  • Expert solutions for Pharma companies
  • Quality Assurance
  • Procurement
Client’s Challenge

Managing approved lists of providers in big companies is a serious task and brings along important areas of risk. Having a strong assessment for the companies to work with not only provides negotiating advantages, but also mitigates such risk areas. Such a thing is even more important in highly regulated industries like biopharma. The clients’s Quality Assurance department needed quality assistance in assessing suppliers of Computerized Systems and related IT services (from the quality point of view) to ensure the appropriate quality and reliability of a given product and/or service supplied during its entire lifecycle within the company. The methodology of evaluating suppliers has to be strictly controlled and keeping a practical approach. The assessment process helps the company to evaluate financial and competitive advantages in order to create stronger relationships with key suppliers. Evaluating suppliers can be challenging, costly, inefficient and inconsistent. Understanding supplier’s performance can both prevent problems and facilitate performance improvement and visibility.

Atracore’s solutions

After understanding the client’s needs in the process of assessing their suppliers, Atracore’s team designed a dedicated process and dedicated team to cover this activity, in a controlled budget and efficient way. That dedicated team is made of a Quality Assurance & Validation Consultants to support the supplier’s assessment department, taking on some of the following responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with the IT and Business Departments to obtain the required information, regarding their experience with the supplier and its provided product/service
  • Find and contact the appropriate person from the supplier to answer questions
  • Submit appropriate questionnaire to supplier and assure the retrieval and first quality check; review additional documents if provided
  • Organize meetings with supplier to review unclear answers
  • Take decisions according with the collected evidences
  • Prepare for regulatory and customer audits and inspections and assist the validation related matters during audits and inspections
  • Add the collected evidences and written reports in the repository and update the internal supplier list
Client’s benefits in working with Atracore

By outsourcing to Atracore, our clients capitalized on:

  • Low risk with the employees, both in terms of privacy and system integration, due to sound training and strong legal setup
  • Scalable staffing solution at high value, well integrated into the operations of the client
  • Talented graduates with scientific/ technical background from Cluj-Napoca, where prestigious universities are based;
  • near-shoring, which combines the operational efficiency of outsourced staff with the costsavings of off-shoring;
  • Common language and cultural understanding;