Green Energy Vehicle Project

Through Go4EcoMobility, Atracore released a proposal for collaboration with Technical Universities to develop a new “green” vehicles which involves new technologies at an affordable price on the Romanian market.

This affordable and environment-friendly new vehicle combines two technical solutions: human pedaling and solar energy.

The other activities in the company Atracore come to support this project:

  • software development for monitoring the vehicle parameters;
  • administrative support for the media campaigns.

Go4EcoMobility wants to create a product that provides users with:

  • maximum of comfort;
  • protection and autonomy for longer distances and safety.

The first prototypes could be tested during the Sun Trip 2015. Based on the test results, a new prototype is planned for the series production.

Go4EcoMobility orientates itself towards the Romanian researchers by offering the possibility of technology and knowledge transfer to the society.

Go4EcoMobility aims to gain knowledge and experience to produce, test and launch a new, affordable and environment-friendly product that will encourage the physical activity.