Areas of service:
  • Pharma industry
  • Clinical trials, studies and surveys
  • Regulations Compliancy

Pharma industry is using old data collection/aggregation software like pure Excel. Pharmacists struggled to keep documents up-to-date and share them, generate reports and have a complete life-cycle of a clinical trial, study or survey.


Create a web-based solution for easy access, data entry, centralized secured system to collect data and generate reports for pharmaceutical clinical trials and studies.

Atracore’s solutions: simple web interface and customizable reports

A simple website design and with user friendly features to be used by specialists:

  • Simple and theme-able web interface
  • User management system
  • Customizable data aggregation reports
  • Participants tracking
Client’s benefits in working with Atracore

By establishing these requirements we succeeded the following:

  • User experience improved
  • Keeping up-to-date documents and share them became one-click action
  • We offer user management – no need of client IT
  • Aggregating data is automated based on algorithms – no more Excel formulas
  • Encryption of data – no more leaking emails/data
  • Anonymization of data sets
  • Centralized system – reachable from anywhere – forget about tracking documents